God Gives us a mission

Seeking God - We seek God in our quest for deeper spiritual understanding. Through an honest sharing of our beliefs and doubts, we ask challenging questions that surround our Christian journey.

Creating Community - We create community through our openness. We acknowledge that each person is uniquely created by God and we welcome all people into this faith community.

Serving Humanity - We serve humanity by practicing peace and justice, working with all of God's creation toward wholeness in the Greater Kansas City Community, nation, and world.

God calls us to live love

Worshipping God through service is an important part of how we live out our faith in the world.  Four times each year we dedicate a Sunday to what we call "Live Love," during which we go out and serve in active and meaningful ways.  Some of us clean up local roadways.  Some of us share monetary gifts at laundromats or grocery stores where our neighbors might be struggling financially.  Some of us sew pillowcases for the graduates of Once We Were Refugees.  Each person at New Song is encouraged to participate in one of these service ministries or choose from a variety of others.  

Our goal is to never be satisfied by simply making a difference in the world. God calls us to make a DIFFERENT world!