What People are saying about New Song

  • Cecelia Says: 

    "One of my favorite things about New Song is that we are an inclusive, welcoming community. I am reminded of this each time I look at the inscription written around the edge of our altar/communion table: “You are accepted.” Yes, this is God’s table not New Song’s table, and God loves and accepts all of us unconditionally and without reservation."

  • Phillip Says: 

    "After church shopping for a year to find a faith-based, gay-friendly church community, we finally found New Song and it has been great ever since. As a gay family, my husband and I always feel at home. New Song has been very supportive and uplifting through our entire Foster Care process and are great for our two boys. The opportunities for us to serve and help others are endless."

  • Lauren says: 

    "In the age of modern churches, our family was called to find a contemporary worship experience within our Disciples of Christ denomination. When we discovered New Song Church in the Northland, we found a vibrant, creative, hospitable church family that truly sought to serve the community. Our children have grown in their faith through the many service opportunities at New Song."