Beyond Sunday Morning

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We've been visiting new information about early Christianity by viewing the Biblical Archaeology Section DVD lecture series entitled "Lost Christianities", which contains lectures by Charles W. Hedrick, April D. DeConick and James D. Tabor. We are nearly finished with Dr. DeConick's series on "Thomas and the Gnostics". Other topics in this series are "Gospels Lost and Found" by Charles W. Hedrick and "Jesus, John and the Jerusalem Church" by James D. Tabor.

The class meets each week at 9:15 AM. All are welcome!




Soul Speaks

soul speaks

Is your soul trying to tell you something? Do you know how to listen? Take this journey with us as we create a safe place to share our stories and support one another in living into where our soul leads us.

The class meets every other week at 11:30 AM through December 1st. All are welcome!

Book Club

book club

Love reading books? Love talking to other people who love to read books? Join us after worship for a 3-session Book Club with a dive into spiritual themes in some of this generation's most inspiring novels.

September 29--The Patron Saint of Liars by Ann Patchett

October 27--The Invention of Wings by Sue Monk Kidd

November 24--The Overstory by Richard Powers