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Facility and Property

New Song Youth

Disciples Women






Altar - You Are Accepted



New Song Youth

Dominic Lighting Candles

Olivia Lighting Candles

Serving Children too


Eagle Scouts

Sunday School

New Song Kids

Disciples Women

Retreat Memorial Table

Retreat Memorial Table

Baby Shower Cake

Baby Shower Presents

Amanda and Maddox

Patti Cutting Bread

Blessing Maddox

Dinner 1

Dinner 2

Penny Holding Maddox

Welcome Maddox

Disciple's Women Logo


Logo Meaning

Fall Retreat 2019

Dinner with friends

Happy Birthday

Sewing pillow cases

Finished pillow cases


Dinner Prayer

Ash Wednesday 1

Ash Wednesday 2

Ash Wednesday 3

Ash Wednesday 4

Ash Wednesday 5

Ash Wednesday 6

Ash Wednesday 7

Ash Wednesday 8

Ash Wednesday 9

Ash Wednesday 10

Ash Wednesday 11

Ash Wednesday 12

Receiving Ashes 1

Receiving Ashes 2

Receiving Ashes 3

Receiving Ashes 4

Receiving Ashes 5

Receiving Ashes 6

Receiving Ashes 7

Receiving Ashes 8

Receiving Ashes 9

Receiving Ashes 10

Misty and Sherry

Sherry and Misty's Family

Misty 1

Misty 2

Misty 2

Misty 4

Misty 5

Kristin & Jeff Communion 1

Kristin & Jeff Communion 2

Christmas Service 1

Christmas Service 2

Christmas Service 3

Christmas Service 4

Christmas Service 5

Christmas Service 6

Christmas Service 7

Christmas Service 8

Christmas Service 9

Christmas Service 10

Christmas Service 11

Baptism Of Lane and Kyle

Giving Bible to Kyle


Giving Bible to Lane

Presenting Baptismal Gifts

Baptism Food


Baptism Tank

Guest Preacher Jill Sullins

Blessing Bags

Special Christmas music

Adopt-A-Highway 1

Adopt-A-Highway 2

Live Love

2019 General Assembly

Blessing of the Backpacks