My sister & I met Tim, who was the Chaplain at NKCH in August 2008. My husband had been hit by a car & was taken there. That is where I was blessed at the worse time of my life. Tim's presence helped me stay standing. I lost John but, God sent me to Tim. He was there to tell me about New Song, as well as give the memorial service. Penny & I both had gone to many churches over the years & had given up. Church's did not seem to practice what they preached. Or they preached a sermon that was not very open & loving. New Song was different from our first trip. We loved the friendliness of the congregation & the music is a real band who are wonderful. There is a happiness here that we were looking for. Church should not be dull, boring or yelling. We serve the community in various ways. We laugh & sing & learn. We server a Cafe meal every week. If you want an open, affirming, caring, place to worship & be a part of making this church Your church, please come. We may be a bit off the main road but worth trying. We are in a lovely building that is full of what you are probably wanting & needing. Come home.


I am so happy I have made New Song a mainstay in my life. I have never felt more loved, accepted, and inspired! I have been here over 10 years. We greet you with a breakfast cafe. The messages are insightful, the music uplifting. We reach out to our community from picking up trash along the highway to our involvement in Family Promise, providing homeless families with food and a roof over their heads while helping with employment and finding housing. I also enjoy my experience with Disciples Women. There is nothing like a strong, devoted, motivating group of women in your life. I bring my granddaughters and they look forward to their Sundays in New Song Kids and the nursery. Come, give us a try!


New Song is an amazing church experience! As a single mother, it's the first time I have felt accepted and loved for the person I am, not my past. They are compassionate and I look forward to seeing everyone each Sunday!


I was concerned about finding a faith community when I moved to Missouri from Florida. I have found that place at New Song. I've been going about 3 weeks. New Song is full of loving, welcoming, and accepting people, has bible based teaching, and great worship. I enjoy the opportunity to serve the church and community. I'm excited about growing in my faith and being part of this church family.


New Song is one of the most welcoming congregations I have ever experienced. All are welcome there, and all truly means all.


A wonderful group of people. Very open and affirming in their faith. The music is great too.


Challenging, motivating and uplifting worship with always beautiful music. Pastors and congregation open and affirming. Love not only lives here but spreads into the greater community with varied mission programs. You are invited to come experience God's love through God's family in this place.

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