New Song truly is NEW

Most faith communities think they are unique. But when you visit lots of them, you start hearing the same songs and the same message over and over. So what makes us special? Well, consider this. Have you ever visited a church where faith was strong but questions were welcomed? Where "doubt" isn't a dirty word? Where people welcome you from Day 1 without questioning how you look or whom you love?

That's New Song!

We honestly offer Christianity done NEW.
We value tradition, but we aren't stuck there.
And we value the journey as much as the destination.

In these days where 'other' has become a much-feared word in our nation, we as New Song Church embrace all of God's children, regardless of skin color or country of origin. If you or someone you know are living in fear because of citizenship status, we stand in solidarity with you and have resources available to help. Please contact us for information.